My first post

Welcome!!! I’m so glad you made it here for the celebration of my first post!

Who am I?

Well, I’m Melanie. I live in Seattle with my amazing husband, Tony, with whom I have the luxury of living my life, traveling, and being supported as I pursue my dreams. I’ve been a psychology professor for 17 years, teaching online and face-to-face classes for various colleges and universities. But I’m here to announce to everyone –

I am a writer!

I’m both scared and excited to post these words out in the world.

I have always wanted to be a writer and I’ve finally decided to pursue this dream of sharing myself with the world. However, as a “baby” writer*, I’ve struggled to learn more about writing, specifically flash fiction and short story writing. Though I’ve been in higher education for over 15 years, my career is not in writing and I never took creative writing classes in college. Though I’ve always been drawn to writing, previously it has focused on writing for students or colleagues in academia.

When I first started writing short-form last year, I struggled to find resources that would help me learn the craft of creative writing and find ways to discover this part of me that I hadn’t really explored since I was a teenager.

Why flash fiction?

I find myself drawn to short form, specifically flash fiction, for its impact. I’ve realized over time how precious living in the moment can be and this form of writing focuses on keeping us in that moment – we are whisked away on a luscious journey and then brought back to our life changed, even if only slightly. I am fascinated by the way a writer can capture me with only a few words, specifically chosen and placed, with simple, but moving, descriptions.

I think a flash fiction piece is the best writing metaphor for the old adage – “a picture is worth a thousand words” – because though these stories are tiny, they are mighty in all that is said and what is not, what lies between the white spaces of those words, what resonates in the reader when the last word is read.

What will this site include?

I hope you will enjoy coming on a learning journey with me as I share my experiences, as well as the resources and tips I find useful.

I will be posting:

  • flash fiction or general writing resources – stories, authors, books, websites, courses, products, etc.
  • prompts and techniques to help when the muse abandons us or to learn more about the form.
  • discussions on writing life – organization, productivity, goals, life lessons, etc.
  • publication information – where to submit flash fiction work, how to track submissions, contests, etc.
  • challenges and experiments – fun ways to explore and use flash fiction writing.

I am in no way an authority or expert on writing or flash fiction, and I don’t promise to always be amazing or entertaining, or to write perfectly, but I do promise to be authentic, honest, and ethical in everything I post on this site.

Start before you are ready.

Marie Forleo

I look forward to connecting with you and learning more about your personal writing journey, whether you are a “baby” writer* like myself or a published author. Feel free to contact me if you have questions or would like to share your experience with me.

*I use the term “baby” writer to help me see myself as taking in everything around me and trying to make sense of this new-to-me writing world, learning what I can to grow up and be an “author” someday.

Thanks for being here!