Chasing My Muse

Sometimes writing doesn’t come as easily as I would like. Then other times my muse beats me over the head as I write furiously, hoping not to lose anything she is telling me in the process. I wish I was experiencing more of the latter right now. However, lately it has been difficult for me to be inspired.

Though I’m accustomed to working from home, this extended sheltering in place has definitely taken my solitary time to a whole new level. I didn’t realize how much I needed the energy of others or to simply interact with others to get ideas for stories. I especially miss traveling, arts and culture, meeting friends for coffee or a drink, going “out on the town,” and other social experiences that fuel my creative energy.

I have no shortage of time on my hands now but somehow that time gets eaten up by mundane tasks (cooking, cleaning, scrolling through social media, reading articles about COVID-19, etc.) due to the lack of structure in my life. And it is clouded by the uncertainty of the future – When will I be able to travel again? When can I start buying tickets to events we enjoy? When can I go back to that restaurant I love so much? When can I reschedule my best friend’s birthday celebration? When, when, when?

So even though I don’t have any advice this week, I want you to know you aren’t alone. And I wanted to put this out there so maybe I can feel less alone now that my muse is taking a break from me. (FYI: I’m working on realizing that my muse is really just me and I have to just put pen to page if I want to get the creative juices flowing again.)

Maybe this post can serve as my love letter to my muse and she will hear how much I miss her and how much I appreciate her.

Here’s hoping she makes a speedy return to both of us!!!

How do you stay inspired and creative during uncertain or stressful times? I’d love to hear your ideas and tips for what works for you.

Needing inspiration,