March is My Revision Month

I’ve taken some time, more than enough, to think about what I want to do for my blog. Last year and the beginning of this year have been strange🤪, a whirlwind of good and bad moments, just like life is, but it has only made me realize how privileged and lucky I am to explore my writing and have amazing people in my life that support me. 💗🥰

I’m “doubling down” on myself and my writing this year, which only seems appropriate for ‘22. Two NaNoWriMo’s, various classes and workshops, and tons of writing prompts later and I have over 140,000 words of material!!!! 🙌🏻🎉 So, this month I’m going to focus on searching those words for “gold” and see what stories or pieces I can work on revising to completion, to get my voice back out there in the world.

As you can see, generating content isn’t my problem. Revising my creative work, on the other hand, is an area in which I am improving (look at me using a growth mindset!!!😏). I don’t know if it is the amount of attention and mental effort revising requires that deters me from doing it, or if it is my susceptibility to decision fatigue that plays a role, but it needs to change. That’s why for the past few months, I’ve been researching and brainstorming ways to make revision more “effortless.” In future posts I’ll outline how I’m using Greg McKeown’s book Effortless: Make it Easier to Do What Matters Most to reach my writing goals.

In Summary:

March is my Revision month.

My goal? Complete 10 flash stories (2 per week).

Why? Because this will improve my writing skills, add to my portfolio of work, and increase my submissions and rejections.

How? Tactics from Effortless —> Coming soon…

Do you have a current writing goal? Does it focus on writing or revising or some other element of your craft? How do you plan to achieve your goals? I would love to hear about your experiences and offer my support on your writing journey.

Feeling ready,