• Flash fiction writer
  • Carnival shooting gallery markswoman
  • Self-proclaimed redhead, but an official Sagittarian

Melanie Maggard writes flash fiction and has a special place in her heart for dribbles and drabbles. She loves revealing intense feelings while staying grounded in the present moment through this magnificent writing form.

An Appalachian mountain native, Melanie loves her champagne, cries at the sight of a sad story, and still says “y’all.”  She has worked as a psychology professor and education consultant for 17 years, teaching online courses while traveling and taking classes herself.

Melanie is an excellent listener, problem solver, supporter, and all-around empathizer. She is still madly in love with her amazing husband and best friend, Tony, who is often an inspiration in her writing but always her biggest fan.

Her writing is emotional and swimming in interiority, but she might grow out of it someday. Maybe. Probably not.

By the way, Melanie is still looking for a vampire to make her immortal so if you know one, please let her know. She has too much to learn for one human lifetime!!!